Gods time is the best, be hopeful.. 

Sometimes it’s hard to bear situations in life, they sometimes nagg you, they push you to a point of not even lifting up your head, a point comes where you hate yourself ,you don’t accept who you are because of what is roaming in your life, “your thoughts ,you are dead but still functioning”,you hate yourself,, I’ve been thru’ this some years back,  I lost hope, I was devastated, something was killing me inside,, because of what I went thru’, and when you luck love from the people  you expect much attention from them; much love; other thoughts cling in ur head, “suicide,, 😞😞,,but is that really the case??? 


But when we are going thru all these we are never alone,, are you going thru’ the same? But you are not alone,, we may think that no one cares ,no one knows what you are dip into, no one will intervene; Psalms 23:4Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.,he promised never to liv us nor forsake us,, he will never live us desolated,, 

“Be afraid not, for my presence goes with you “-Exodus.. -the israilites knew that they could made it on their own,, so thy had hope in their Creator, thy trusted in Him,, because nothing is impossible before him,, it is not time to loose hope,, things may delay but things will not be denied,, Abraham waited for so long to see isaack but still he trusted upon the Lord,, our God is faithfully,, he made a promise that he intend to kip, for his grace shall be sufficient,, he is the anchor.. Praise his Holly name, he is a good friend to to trust,, though people may still turn away from you-he will always be there,, embrace happiness, forget the past for it makes you feel guilty, your past will make you a prisoner but your future will make you a pioneer,, I pray for you to be a pioneer,, blessings.. 


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