​Reaching Your Divine Appointment 

 Every Christian experiences a trial or tribulation. It can last for years depending on what God is preparing you for. These types of trials are situations where we do the right thing but end up in a long, drawn out battle.
 It seems like inspite of doing right, you get punished instead. It’s a test of your character. Your faith is tested and in the end God rewards you. When you get through the prison test, you have a strength and power that no one can shake.

 Christians are going to experience tribulation, the difference is who stands on the foundation during the trial that comes out a winner. Matthew 7:25-27 shows us how one house falls and the other stands. They both experience the same storm, but one had a firm foundation.

 You will have to suit up and put God’s armor on. The ones who get through it never give up. If you allow these situations to work through your life, it will do its purpose to create perseverance and character. No one can stop you from reaching your destiny and we are going to see that in the story of Joseph. It’s about building character and being able to go from dream to destiny. Everybody has a God given destiny, but you have to go through your tests to get there. Genesis 39:19-20.

 When you do right and suffer the wrong result, you just hold on because you are about to build some character into your life. Potipher’s wife had used Joseph’s coat to fabricate a lie about him. I’m sure by this time in Joseph’s young life he never wanted another coat.

 Has anyone ever lied on you? How are you going to respond to that lie about you? Romans 5:3-5. If you never have tribulation you never have perseverance. James 1:2-3.

 You see, trials produce patience. Patience is not just waiting, but waiting with contentment. Perseverance is fighting the battle while waiting with contentment. Because you see, perseverance in a long trial can take years to see a breakthrough.

 Joseph waited 13 years, Abraham’s test of faith took 25 years after God promised him a son. Moses waited 40 years. Paul waited 13 years while David waited 16 years to be King 

Blessings upon you all.. 


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