Helloo good morning,,i bless the lord this morning ..

Its a blessed and a bright morning,indeed the day that the Lord has made that we should be happy and be glad in it..but have you ever ask yourself,who is around y0u? What kind of people sorrounds you? Are they happy are they glad that they see you around them,,? What have you done to make them happy?,,

Reason for this post is to bring one point to our attention,,,there are so many people around and about us that are unrrached..by love,gospel and more that we can think of,,but what have you done to put a smile in their faces?

We liv with the less fortunate that deserve smile in their faces but cannot afford one,,,this is almost the end of the month,almost the beginning of the month of december,,almost the end of the year,,w i just wanna challenge you this morning and implore you a task,,either by prayer,making someone smile before each day ends, its a blessing to give.

Take smetimes and reach to the unreached bless them in whatever way,christmass is the way,let them see a great change in their lives this morning,,

She/he is around you-they might hav slept wiping all night or wondering the time morning is gonna bulge in,,sometimes they wish the night never comes because challenge awaits them..


may your morning be splendid.

Ev.keybeh korir




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